1st grade must read book suggestions
great book list Nothing is sweeter than a child crawled up enjoying a book! Second grade readers are just beginning their independent reading milestone will love reading these "MUST READ 2nd Grade" books on their own. I also recommend a few easier paperback series and chapter books perfect for this age."
Enjoy. Nicky (book lover, educatior and mom)
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first grade reading tipsSecond Grade Readers Should Be Able To:

  • Read simple text fluently

  • To be able to read words of two or more syllables

  • Read simple irregularly spelled words

  • To be able to read words of two or more syllables

  • Identify problems and solutions within the story

  • Able to read quietly for 30 minutes

  • Read with expression

  • Use a table of contents, although every child should have a bookmark to make picking up where he/she left off a snap!

  • Leverage pictures to gain meaning of text

  • Even as children become independent be sure to continue to read with your child. It is a wonderful way to spend time together.